human pose estimation 3d demo

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Thursday, February 13, 2020 - 02:08

human pose estimation 3d demo


I'm currently trying to configure the new python demo about the human pose estimation.

I was able to convert the python module to ONNX and the to IR but once launched detection result is quite strange. The 2D output reports a very high number of connections like multiple persons were detected even if there is only me within the camera frame.

I'm using a Logitech c920 camera and not sure if this might be the problem. Anyhow that camera work perfectly on the C++ demo wondering if there is any issue with this demo model.

Thanks for your support.




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Hi Daniele,

Could you please provide all the commands you used to convert the PyTorch Model to IR format and the command used to run the demo? Please also attach a photo of the output results you are seeing. 

I don't believe the camera should be an issue, However, please try a different camera if you have a second one.



Hi Jesus,

Please find attached the photo of the result I see. I used the embedded PC camera for this test and the result seems very similar so I don't think that the camera is the issue.

This is the command line used to launch the demo (OS is Windows 10)

    call "C:\Program Files (x86)\IntelSWTools\openvino\bin\setupvars.bat"
    python -i 0 -m ../../models/human-pose-estimation-3d-0001/FP32/human-pose-estimation-3d-0001.xml -d GPU

This is the code to convert the model to ONNX and the to IR:

python --model-name=PoseEstimationWithMobileNet --weights=human-pose-estimation-3d-0001.pth --input-shape=1,3,256,448 --output-file=human-pose-estimation-3d-0001.onnx --output-names=features,heatmaps,pafs --input-names=data --model-param=is_convertible_by_mo=True --import-module=model

python "%MODEL_OPT_DIR%/model_optimizer/"  --data_type FP32 --input_model "human-pose-estimation-3d-0001.onnx" --output_dir "%OUTPUT_DIR%/FP32"
python "%MODEL_OPT_DIR%/model_optimizer/"  --data_type FP16 --input_model "human-pose-estimation-3d-0001.onnx" --output_dir "%OUTPUT_DIR%/FP16"

Let me know if you need further information.







Downloadimage/png 3dPose_Result.png1.32 MB

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