Windows: Command Line Deployment Manager - Error in Deployed Package on Target Host

Windows: Command Line Deployment Manager - Error in Deployed Package on Target Host

Simply to test the OpenVINO Command Line Deployment Manager (CLDM), we're attempting to build a deployment package of the "Object Detection Demo SSD Async" demo app that will use the face-detection-adas-0001 pre-trained model on Windows 10 for deployment on another Windows 10 system. The build of this demo app completed successfully, and we prepared the "user data" folder as best we could. However, when we tried to use the CLDM to prepare a deployment package, a .zip file was generated but after uncompressing to a new folder on a test Windows 10 machine without OpenVINO installed, the demo app didn't run. Instead, a number of error messages were displayed regarding missing dlls.

It should be noted that the OpenVINO documentation on the use of the CLDM doesn't really specify what should be included in the "user data" folder, but we included the generated EXE file for the demo app, object_detection_demo_ssd_async.exe, as well as the model that we were using for testing, which was face-detection-adas-0001.xml and .bin.

The reportedly missing DLLs were:

We used OpenVINO 2020.1 to build the demo app and prepare the deployment package. I'm attaching a file which shows the error message.

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It is probably also worth noting the following deviations for a Windows deployment from the Deployment Manager documentation:
1) According to the documentation, all the folders of the deployment package are created under the folder "openvino" which should itself be created under the name of the destination folder as chosen at deployment generation time. However, the openvino folder itself was not created. In our test, the generated folders "application", "bin" and "deployment_tools" were created directly in the target folder.

2) According to the documentation, another folder, "install_dependencies" was also supposed to be created under the destination folder, but this folder was entirely missing.

I suspect that these issues, especially #2, may explain why the deployment package didn't work!

R. Michael Pickering CBIP

Just a final comment, we've now tried various combinations of target optimization device, including just CPU, as well as both the interactive mode and command line mode of the Deployment Manager tool but nothing has worked for a Windows machine and target.

R. Michael Pickering CBIP

Hi Michael,

Can you try copying the missing dll’s(opencv_highgui420.ddl, opencv_videoio420.dl, opencv_imgproc420.dll located in <path_to_openvino>\opencv\bin and inference_engine_nn_builder.dll located in <path_to_openvino>\inference_engine\bin\intel64\Release) to <openvino_deploy_package\deployment_tools\inference_engine\bin\intel64\Release> folder and re-run the application. Meanwhile we are looking into this issue.


Ram prasad

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