Setting up ROI

Setting up ROI

I want to be able to set up ROI.

Documentation mention that it is possible when stacking up networks, I just want to do it for one network.

When I run this code:

InferenceEngine::ROI cropRoi;
cropRoi.posX = inRoiBox.x;
cropRoi.posY = inRoiBox.y;
cropRoi.sizeX = inRoiBox.width;
cropRoi.sizeY = inRoiBox.height;
auto roiBlob = InferenceEngine::make_shared_blob(input, cropRoi);
infer_request.SetBlob(item.first, roiBlob);

I get this exception: [Standard exception] Input blob size is not equal network input size (120000!=1555200). 


Is it even possible to crop image to ROI if the network shape have been set during convertion?


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Hi Michal,

Please refer to the object_detection_demo_ssd_async demo where the input image is scaled to the input model size.

Hope this helps.


Ram prasad

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