Face recognition python demo cannot use Movidius NCS

Face recognition python demo cannot use Movidius NCS


  • Ubuntu 18.04
  • Movidius PCI E M2 slot (2 Movidius chip inside)
  • LattePanda Delta
  • OpenVINO 2020.2


This is a demo show the example of the face recognition. Once it detects faces, the frame rate drop to 0.1FPS. If using the CPU to process landmarks, there seems no problem.

Is the landmarks-regression-retail-0009.xml model not compatible with Movidius?

Thank you in advance.

#Go to face recognition example
cd /opt/intel/openvino/deployment_tools/open_model_zoo/demos/python_demos/face_recognition_demo

#Download models
python /opt/intel/openvino/deployment_tools/open_model_zoo/tools/downloader/downloader.py --list models.lst -o .

#Make face DIR
mkdir faces

#Run python script
python ./face_recognition_demo.py -m_fd intel/face-detection-retail-0005/FP16/face-detection-retail-0005.xml -m_lm intel/landmarks-regression-retail-0009/FP16/landmarks-regression-retail-0009.xml -m_reid intel/face-reidentification-retail-0095/FP16/face-reidentification-retail-0095.xml -fg faces -d_fd HDDL -d_lm HDDL -d_reid HDDL


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Hi Angelo,


Thanks for reaching out.

We ran your command on both an Intel® Neural Compute Stick 2 with MYRIAD plugin and a Mustang card with 8 VPUS with HDDL plugin and they both worked. Could you please tell us the specific Movidius board you are using?



Javier A.

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