How to run on real hardware

How to run on real hardware


how to run a DAL applicaton on real hardware? The manual says the following:

You can use the SDK to execute trusted applications on “real” silicon-based firmware, with the following limitations:

What means "real" silicon-based firmware?



Trusted applications under development can only be run on pre-production silicon-based firmware.

What does that mean? What is a pre-production silicon-based firmware? Can I turn my ME into "pre-production"?


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Real firmware means firmware running on real hardware, not emulated.

Pre-production platforms are computers in development, and are for Intel internal use. Debug-signed applets can be installed on them. These platforms are available inside Intel only, you cannot turn your ME to pre-production.

Only signed trusted applications can be installed on a production platform. If you want to sign an applet, please see:


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