Sample application/guide/tutorial??

Sample application/guide/tutorial??


I've been trying to use Energy Checker API, but I couldn't figure out how to build applications that are instrumented through EC. SDK User Guide is helpful but there aren't any complete examples of a instrumented application. I'm working on a Linux environment and I've trying to instrument some complicated parallel codes. Is it possible to provide a complete instrumentation example of a real application (like PovRAY example) to make the Energy Checker more accessible. I know I need to define some Linux headers and install some libraries (for example for using UUID properly).

Overall this is a great project, but IMHO it needs a much more comprehensive tutorial and/or guide than the current user guide. A code example for instrumenting and using the provided EC applications would be really helpful.


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Hello Mrhank,

Did you check the sample codes under the iecsdk\src\samples if you download the latestIEC SDK?
Under iecsdk\build, the make fileunder linux and other OSs are there. You should be able to build the sample codes with the make file.

Please particularly check the uuid_variant_sample example. That should be the sample source code you want for this purpose.

Hope it helps.


Thanks for your request for a tutorialarticlewith a real application using the Energy Checker SDK.

We are making new articles all the time and we'll prioritize an article of this type, and when we have it ready we'll post with a link in this forum.

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