I can not use the API

I can not use the API

I am interested in the project. So I downloaded the ICE SDK. But I cannot build all the projects in iesdk.sln. Only eight of them were built successfully. Besides, when I use the productivity_link.h and productivity_link.c to write my own programm, there are some errors in the productivity_link.h. I don't know why. Is there something required but I didn't note it ? Please help me.

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Hi 1w2l,Thank you for your e-mail and for trying out our SDK. I will be happy to assist you in building your code/project.Could you please follow this up with me directly? Once we've solved your issue, we can update this post so other readres may benefit from it.On the second part of your question, It is likely that there are simply missing symbol definitions in your ptoject. At least, this is the most common source of problem when adding the header to a project. I assume that you are running under Windows. If so, please check that the following symbols are defined for your project.__PL_WINDOWS____PL_GENERATE_INI____PL_GENERATE_INI_VERSION_TAGGING____PL_GENERATE_INI_BUILD_TAGGING____PL_GENERATE_INI_DATE_AND_TIME_TAGGING____PL_BLOCKING_COUNTER_FILE_LOCK__Merci,-Jamel

Hello Sir,
Yes, it works. Thank you very much for helping me to sole the problem. I will enjoy the IEC SDK. Thank you again.


Hi 1w2l,you are welcome! I am happy to hear that it helped you out.I stay at your disposal to asnwer any questions you may have.Merci,-Jamel

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