Plans for providing an estimate power usage model?

Plans for providing an estimate power usage model?


Are there any plans to provide an estimated power usage model for systems that do not have an external power meter? I would like to be able to provide statistics on approximate power usage for a program in order for customers to be able to make decisions on what hardware to use (or not to use).

I understand that this can never be as accurate as actual measurements, but an estimate that could take things such as CPU, memory and disk usage into account would be very helpful. In my dreams this estimate could somewhat accurately find out the energy usage of the CPU based on model, clock, number of cores in use, turbo modes and so on.


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Hi Apabepa,Yes, this is one of our development priority for this year! However, since we arecurrentlydoing our research, I cannot provide you a release date at this time (but we are working hard:)).In the mean time, you could look into the cpu_indexed_esrv_simulated_device ESRV module. The code shows how to use an OS counter (CPU utilization in the sample) to estimate a power draw. The sample is very basic, but by adding several OS counters - and maybe HW counters if you have a driver to extract them -, you could refine the estimation and build up a model for its own system... assuming you have a power meter to calibrate your module (and this is the catch as you said upfront).Also, our new processors provides per-CPU power/energy readings. Another team at Intel is currently working on releasing an ESRV module that will expose those readings as usual (assuming you run on a supported platforms). Once their ESRV module is released, we will cross-reference our web pages and I will make an announcement on ours. So please stay tuned,Best regards,-Jamel

Hi Jamel,

Thank you for your quick and very informative answer!

Best regards,

Dear Apabepa,

As mentioned earlier, the tool
I was referring to is online.

Please check it out at
You can use this tool stand-alone or via Energy Checker.

As per our power modeling
research, it is still on-going.

Best regards,


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