CPU MSR support on Linux

CPU MSR support on Linux


Here is a new driver for energy checker to support the energy readings from the CPU MSR on Intel Sandybridge and later. It currently only works on Linux but can serve as a base for implementation on other systems. The code directory has to be extracted on utils/device_driver_kit/src/ and the Makefile replaces the one provided in utils/device_driver_kit/build/linux. To build the library, simply type "make cpu_msr_driver" in utils/device_driver_kit/build/linux.

The device exposes as many channels as there are processors online, allowing one to read the energy consummed by each processor. It only provides energy consumption (no power information is reported).

The code is under GPLv3.


Downloadapplication/octet-stream cpu-msr-driver.tbz27.52 KB
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Dear Benoit,

Thank you for your contribution. This will definitively be useful for our community members willing to add CPU power/energy to platform power/energy measurements on Linux.



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