Concurrent write access on Productivity Link

Concurrent write access on Productivity Link


I'm a researcher at the VU University Amsterdam, I'm currently involved in a project for estimating the energy efficiency impact of some best practices in application development.

I have the following issue: I instrumented the source code of a software application using the PL API. However, I do not have control over the execution flow of the application, hence I need to open and close the PL, by calling the PL_OPEN and PL_CLOSE function, in a separate process (an application launcher that manages the lifecycle of the application under test). This means that I need a way to write on a PL opened by another application. The PL_ATTACH function doesn't help because it provides read-only access.

A possible solution could be sharing the PL Descriptor via IPC or a global variable, but that is a very invasive solution, and I was looking for a more elegant way. Is there any function in the IEC SDK that can be useful in this sense?


Giuseppe Procaccianti

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