How to update microcode

How to update microcode


I've just got a new E3845 microcode(rev 903) from Intel. Can you please explain how I can include the new one in the next firmware build? Thank you.

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It's been more than two weeks since I asked. Is it possible for us to update E3845's microcode by using the firmware which was built from the Intel Firmware Engine?

Currently we don’t provide an easy way to let user change the microcode in the Intel Firmware Engine. In current implementation, we wrap all the microcode into one binary module and it is included inside chipset package. We are looking into a way to resolve this issue in a future release.  One possibility is we provide a new release where the chipset package contains the newer microcode patch and then let  the user update the chipset package in the repository.



Hello Laurie,

Thank you for the update.

Depending your release schedule either I wait or I have to move away from the Intel Firmware Engine. Roughly when do you think the future release that has ability to change microcode will be available?

If you can provide a binary module with a new microcode, I'm willing to hand patch as necessary. Is this something you can help?

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