Firmwave Engine With BayTrail-T

Firmwave Engine With BayTrail-T


I've downloaded and installed Intel Firmware Engine (Release 2.0) from the Intel website. However I can see the tool supports for only Minowboard, how about the BayTrail-T (Z3735) based platform ? Are there different version which supports Z3735 platform ?

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The Intel® Firmware Engine 2.0  has included sample platform support for the MinnoBoard Max which is a  Baytrail-I(Intel® Atom™ E38XX series). The Baytrail-T (and BayTrail-CR: the cost reduced Baytrail based upon the T)  have different silicon specific code (Initialization binaries) then  from the Baytrail-I so unfortunately the Intel® Firmware Engine platform sample included will not work with Baytrail-T or BayTrail-CR platforms. 

Comparison :


Many thanks for your feed back.

How can I build the UEFI BIOS for BayTrail-T processor by using Tianocore EDK2 project ? I reference document No. 521755 from Intel and it shows that need a patch file named EDKII_13338_DFU.patch, after applying the patch we can build the source code for Baytrail-T specific platform.

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hi Laurie,

i am newbie to this intel firmware engine i am trying to look on this and i have intel atom E3825 by trail i based board which not minnow board so whichever componant i want that is not present in this sdk so can please tell how to configure image according to my board


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