How to add support for additional flash devices?

How to add support for additional flash devices?


I'd like to add support for a Micron flash device in my E3900-based project, how can I do this?



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Hi Jaco,

          Yes, E3900 doesn't support Micron flash device currently. So the team started to do some work after we saw your message here. 

Maybe you just need to replace a binary file in repository. We don't have your test sample device, so can you help us to verify if our solution works or not? 

           You might need to leave the email address or other available contact, then we will send a binary file to you. 

         In the last, welcome to use Intel Firmware Engine. :)

Hello Evan,

Thanks, that'll be very useful, and I might be able to verify it with our hardware. You can send the file to my work address

I have some more questions on building a FW image that'll work on one of our reference boards, but we can discuss that over email if that's alright.




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