UEFI Booting with no initrd or initramfs

UEFI Booting with no initrd or initramfs


I have a couple of NUC7PJYH, both running dual booting Debian Stretch and Androidx86

I am testing another Live USB bootable OS

The image is a generic one;  bootable on legacy bios and UEFI only hardware.

It does boot fine on legacy bios (UEFI class 0) machines but it hangs on "Loading Linux.." on my NUCS  (UEFI class 3)


I tried 2 different bootloaders.

The permanent SSDs on these NUCs both are running Debian Stretch dual-booting with other OSs but they have initrd images

*The current Live USB I am testing was designed / is configured for  running with no initrd or initramfs, relying only on /sbin/init to get initial rootfs mounted.

I flipped on and of the legacy bios flag on the ESP partition and added commandline bootparams as well as recompiled the kernel.

I just want to eliminate the possibility that this cannot be done with  the stock UEFI firmware of NUC7PJYH, ....using just the bootloader not the UEFI shell or configuring the Live USB as a EFI Stub

The BIOS rev of the NUC7PJYH is 0041

My question is does the UEFI firmware of this box need to see an initrd or initramfs image at boot time; configured in the bootloader?


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