mpi fortran compiler

mpi fortran compiler

does anyone know where i could get a mpi fortran compiler for linux?


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All compilers support mpi. Few compilers for linux are tied to any particular mpi. If you don't like the mpi which comes with your favorite linux, or it doesn't support the hardware of your choice, install another.

As mpi for linux comes pre-configured for g77, you must configure for the compiler of your choice. lam (perhaps a very old version?) comes with most linux distros. You could easily install the source, and rebuild it. Typical configure invocation:
source /opt/intel/compiler70/ia32/bin/
./configure --prefix=/usr --with-f77=ifc --with-f90=ifc --with-cxx=g++

lam Makefile is broken for parallel build, so don't use make -j.

You will have no cross build compatibility between g77 and ifc, and no cross compatibility between ancient versions of g++ and icc. In my experience, applications built with Intel Fortran, and properly configure lam, can run on lam built for g77.

The compilers you get with any Linux distro will build either LAM or mpich MPI for you (gcc, f77 and friends). Get the latest MPI versions from their websites. The instructions they provide are pretty clear. You don't have to have f90 or f95 capabilities (blasphemy!) to build them and test them. If you do install a f90/95 compiler later, you will have to rebuild though, because the configuration pass skips things you don't have.


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