problem with ifc openmp

problem with ifc openmp

hi there,

i managed to get my program compiled with ifc w/o openmp option. but once i added "-openmp" in the compiler option, my program crashed.

the following is the message from idb:

Linux Application Debugger for 32-bit applications, Version 7.1, Build 20030303
object file name: test.redhat.omp
Reading symbolic information ...done
(idb) run
Thread received signal SEGV
stopped at [subroutine main():35 0x805ffb4]
(Cannot find source file main.f)
debug mesg end

the compiler options are the following:

-g -openmp -tpp7 -fpp2 -mp -xW -Bstatic -Vaxlib -static-libcxa -w -FI
options end

i checked that main.f was in "./src/" directory not "." directory. anyone has an idea of this error?

thanks and regards

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Did you build with ./src as the current directory? If you run idb from that directory, it should find the source without further assistance.

thanks, i changed the compiler options to
"-g -openmp -tpp7 -fpp2 -mp -xW -Vaxlib -dynamic-libcxa -w -FI" (remove static link)

then the program can be compiled.

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