Hi, I just started working with the ifc and am trying to compile some legacy SGI code on Linux. However, I have encountered an early problem with structures in RECORD statements not being defined.

The compiler error is as follows,

Error 458: This Vax structure has not been defined.

What I am doing is as follows,

subroutine whatever
#include "File_where_structure is defined.f" 

record /StructureDefinedInIncludeFile/ myNewVariable

The problem is that the compiler is saying that StructureDefinedInIncludeFile has been undefined.

So my question is has anyone else had this problem? Or is there some specific compiler option that I need to use.

These are the compiler options I am using.

ifc -c -g -w90 -w95 -extend_source -I[INCLUDE_DIRECTORY] file.f

BTW, I have tried using the preprocessor to include the include files in the subroutine itself and this normally results in a world record for compiler errors in one compilation.


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I'd have to see what was in the include file. Why not use INCLUDE rather than the preprocessor's #include?

I can't think of any options that would be relevant here.


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