Comment on Fortran 2003 Final Committee Draft

Comment on Fortran 2003 Final Committee Draft

The Final Committee Draft (FCD) of the next standard for Fortran has
entered its public comment phase. The document is available from Click on "J3 documents" in the panel on the
left, and then on "Current Working Draft Standard for Fortran 2003 (single
document in PDF format)" in the center of the page. It is also available
from as PostScript, plain
text or LaTeX, and from It
may also be helpful to read "The new features of Fortran 2003", which
is available from

At this stage, comments about editorial issues are most likely to result
in changes to the published Standard. Recommendations to add or remove
features will most likely not gather sufficient support to result in
substantive changes in this revision of the Standard.

Comments are brought to the ISO IEC/JTC1/SC22/WG5 international Fortran
committee by way of national bodies. The United States national body is
the United States Technical Advisory Group (US TAG) for Fortran, which
consists of US members of the ANSI/INCITS J3 Fortran committee.

The US TAG solicits comment on the FCD from US residents and citizens,
and employees or representatives of US-domiciled corporations. Please
submit Comment to no later than noon EST on Thursday 6
November 2003. This deadline is dictated by the schedule of J3 meetings.
The next J3 meeting is 10-14 November; the one after that is after the
deadline for national bodies to submit comment to the international

Comments other than US comment should be directed to the respective
national bodies. Each national body may have a different deadline. The
list of ISO member bodies may be found at

This message was originally sent to the list
and the comp.lang.fortran news group. Please forward or cross-post it to
any other lists by which you believe it would reach interested parties.

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