ifc compilation error with openmp option

ifc compilation error with openmp option

hi there,

i included a openmp option to compile a fortran program and got the following errors.

C$Id: test.f
Error 14 at (1:test.f) : invalid label field

seems the compiler can not understand the comments. anyone know the reason and how to resolve it?

thanks in advance!

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-openmp requires fpp pre-processing, and lines of this form are considered to be required to be pre-processing directives. Perhaps lines such as yours, which don't match the patterns defined for pre-processing, should be passed through silently, but the '$' character is excluded by Fortran from the list of characters available for usual purposes.

thanks. can you elaborate on how to slove this problem?
i saw some one suggested to upgrade cpp preprocessor on the web. is there other ways to fix it?


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