Will there be IMSL support for ifc ?

Will there be IMSL support for ifc ?

Just did a search on google and found there is now no IMSL support for intel compilers under both windows or linux. But fortunately Visual Numerics has announced plan to put IMSL library support in the next release of intel fortran compiler for windows. I wonder whether there is going to be a linux version for that too?

Or am I outdated and there is already IMSL libraries working with ifc?

Actually we bought absoft which has IMSL coming together. But I cannot make that IMSL library work with ifc.

Thanks for any comment or advice.


Shi Jin

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IMSL is not currently available for Intel Fortran. The upcoming Intel Visual Fortran for Windows will have IMSL available as an extra-cost option. Intel itself does not plan to offer IMSL for Intel Fortran for Linux, but Visual Numerics may choose to do so. Offhand, I don't know what their plans are there, but it seems like a good idea. I'd suggest that you write Visual Numerics and request that they offer IMSL for Intel Fortran on Linux.


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