compiling f77 code using ifc

compiling f77 code using ifc

I am not able to compile my code correctly using ifc. It works fine with both f77 and pgf77, but for 2 major subroutines in my code, it gives the following error:

ifc -align -mp1 -w -g -vec_report3 -save -O3 -prefetch -unroll -tpp7 -axW -w90 -w95 -c -o READPT.o READPT.f
external subroutine READPT

723 Lines Compiled
READPT.f(1) : (col. 0) remark: routine skipped: cannot be analyzed.
READPT.f(1) : (col. 0) remark: readpt_ has been targeted for automatic cpu dispatch.

It produces the executable after compiling all the subroutines, but the executable does not do anything.

I would really appreciate if some one would be able to help me.


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