ifc & FlexIO compatibility?

ifc & FlexIO compatibility?

I'm trying to compile using ifc with the FlexIO library but am having trouble when it is linking to the libC library (lots of undefined references). Has anyone compiled linking to the FlexIO library (lieeeio)? If so is there some compiler flag or additional library I need to add/link to? I've successfully used it with the pgf90 compiler so it is most probably the compile command I'm trying to use rather than the code. The FlexIO library provides cross platform support for binary IO files which is why I need to use it.

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I've now solved this problem.

Summary: Two versions of the library are required compiled with different compilers.

ifc requires the libieeio.a library to be recompiled with icc as the compiler rather than the default g++ which comes with the setup. I was using an old 2.96 version of g++ which may have been the problem.

The icc compiled library only works with programs compiled with other intel compilers. To work with other compilers I had to use the g++ version.

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