Is IFORT (8.0 beta) compatible with RH9?

Is IFORT (8.0 beta) compatible with RH9?

I don't want to try an unwise upgrade and then really be stuck.


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The betas are not discussed here. If you're interested in the beta, apply for it, and read the information you are sent on prerequisites.

RH9 is giving us a lot of headaches - it has some serious bugs and it is not clear that RedHat will offer fixes for them.


Steve - Intel Developer Support

I already have the beta. (I guess that's what you get with 7 open bug reports. :) )

I couldn't find specific informaiton other than

"Linux system with glibc 2.2.5 or 2.2.93 and the 2.4.X Linux kernel."

and I don't know if that means RH9 or not.

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