Symbol Table Informtation

Symbol Table Informtation

ind of a pre-sales question:

We're currently looking to evaluate the complete suite of compilers for linux. A big question that will come up for us is do we have access to the symbols table information?
At present we have a great deal of legacy code running on the SGI's and SGI/Irix provides the mechanisms for accessing symbol information for our various executables. These tools are used extensively in our software for IPC between numerous tasks. Do the Intel compiler sets provide similar functionality for accessing symbol information or an object's symbol table?

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While you wait for a more expert response, I'll point out the the symbol table information is compatible with gnu binutils, as that is the source of ld, and gnu utilities such as objdump understand it.

As you didn't say whether you are considering ia32 or ia64, I'll mention that newer versions of ia64 binutils from are more functional than what you would find installed on purchased hardware. Everyone has the right to study GPL software and decipher what is known about symbol table format.

Much of the performance monitoring facility of Vtune parallels that of Irix, using only the -g symbol tables.

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