Code compatibility/Optimisation

Code compatibility/Optimisation

I use a code written in Compaq Fortran (f77&f90 mixed!) on a win2000 P4 machine. Now I have made it to dual boot in RedHat 9. Just downloaded the Intel compiler.

Will the code be compatible or need modification? Are there need for any special flags? What flags will give the best optimisations for P4 1.8Ghz with 512Kb Cache?
I am new to linux and so its a bit difficult :-).

Any help will be appreciated.


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It's hard to say on a general basis whether your code will need modification or not. Best thing is to just try it.

Intel Fortran comes with extensive documentation on optimizing for performance, it's well worth a read.


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Start with the -xW flag, to optimize for P4, and the -idynamic flag, to try to work around the deficiencies of rh9. There are plenty of responses already on the forum, which may be relevant.

Thanks Steve and Prince will start on Monday, and my code doesn't use dynamic memory, its not a problem in windows(use it at times) but have problems on alpha machines!

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