random function produce a address error

random function produce a address error

I am usin ifc 7.1 in a pentium III machine with redhat 9.0 (with a pach to the glibc library).
I have a program which is using the rand function.
I am compiling some .f and .f90 fortran files with the options: -g -C -d2 -Vaxlib

I have not errors in the compilation but when I execute the program I have the following error correspondig to the line test with the rand() function. The message

** Address Error **

Diagnostics Entered From MAIN PROGRAM Line 15
a = 0.000000E+00
b = 0.000000E+00
c = 0.000000E+00
l = 0
lc = 0

End of diagnostics

the program file is:

PROGRAM spectrum_gen
! Automatic Time-stamp:
INTEGER(4) lc, l
REAL(4), ALLOCATABLE, DIMENSION (:) :: xc, yc, syc
REAL(4) :: A, B, C
EXTERNAL xtrack, paralin, curvcorr
real(4) :: rand
write(*,*) rand()
END PROGRAM spectrum_gen

Do you have any suggestion?
In an other compiler (xlf) I have no problem.


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Apparently, the optional argument feature works only when rand() is declared with an interface block, in accordance with the documentation. Remember that rand() is not a standard Fortran function, and is implemented differently among those compilers which include library support for it.

It's been a long time since I've seen xlf documentation, but my impression is that xlf would call the C version of the function directly, so your code could be broken in a different manner for xlf.

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