Input/Output Error 178: Interrupted system call

Input/Output Error 178: Interrupted system call

I've recently started experiencing problems when using the -pg option when compiling a fortran code with ifc 7.1. The code occasionally crashes with an error message such as:

Input/Output Error 178: Interrupted system call

In Procedure: main program
At Line: 168

Statement: OPEN
Unit: 49
Connected To: /home/dj/model.100/progression

The crash always seems to occur at an "open" statement, but not always the same one. Without the -pg option I have no problems (and until about 1 week ago -pg always worked just fine for me!).

Does anyone have any clue what might be going on here?


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It turns out that the problem was due to an anti-virus package (AvGuard) that I had running. This scans files for viruses as they're opened and, for some reason, seems to cause a conflict with the -pg option.

However, I'm now experiencing crashes with the error:

** FPE Signal **

. This seems only to occur when I make use of the Math Kernel Library routines along with the -pg option......

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