out of bounds array

out of bounds array

i under stand that out of bounds arrays can be detected using the -CB flag. the diagonistic flag -d1 or d2 prints certail messages. However I am not able to figure out from them which array is out of bounds. Is there some documentation which describes what the -d1 or -d2 level of diagonistics print out? How can one print them to a file instead of screen.

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This is what you probably already know:

IA-32 compiler Sets diagnostics level as follows: 
-d0 - displays procname line 
-d1 - displays local scalar variables 
-d2 - local and common scalars 
-d>2 - display first n elements of local and
       COMMON arrays, and all scalars.

You can easily print the diagnostics into a file redirecting the standard error

./a.out 2> error.txt

as long as you do not need stderr for your own purposes in the program (write(0,*)).


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