IFC compatible Libraries

IFC compatible Libraries

I have 2 questions. I came across when dealing with libraries.

1) Can I use the 'lapack' & 'blas' libraries setup for the g77 compiler with the ifc compiler? or do I have to use the intel Math kernel package?

2) I am also looking for other specific libraries such as 'imsl','sentry', 'pthreads',etc? Do you know if there is anyone readily supplies ifc compiler optimized libraries?


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If you want to use the public lapack and blas, you could rebuild them from source, paying attention to issues such as the machine epsilon tests. Those should be written to use standard Fortran intrinsics, or built with -mp, so they don't compile into loops without exit. The pre-compiled lapack which comes with linux will have calls to the g77 run-time, which aren't compatible with ifc. MKL takes care of these issues, as well as offering generally better performance.

I suppose the question of making IMSL available under reasonable terms to use with Intel compilers is still under negotiation. Open software alternatives are often preferred. libpthreads comes with linux, and is already integrated into ifc -openmp. I think your term "sentry" is ambiguous without more context.

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