Output flush problem in ifc 7.1?

Output flush problem in ifc 7.1?


I am using ifc 7.1 (obtained from intel premium support) with Red Hat 8.0.

I have an OpenMP fortran program that compiled & ran reasonably well with ifc 7.0.

However, with ifc 7.1 there is some rather idosyncratic behavior. When the program requests user input, the line on which this request should be printed does not get flushed to stdout until AFTER the user responds to the request.

To clarify...the program appears to just sit there doing nothing. But when you type in a response and press return, only then does the request for input (and the user input) get printed to stdout.

This essentially makes the program unusable, since the user obviously doesn't know in advance what question/request he/she is answering.

Any ideas on this?

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We've seen several reports of this, and the behavior is being changed to be what you expect (and is common in other implementations.) If you are eligible for support, feel free to submit the problem to Premier Support and they'll let you know when an update is available.

I will point out that the current behavior is standard-conforming, but I'll be the first to admit that it's not desireable.


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I just wanted to mention that this seems to be "fixed" in the 7.1.013 ifc release. Thanks!

I have a similar issue. I use write to stdout with advance='no' parameter to check the progress of a lengthy computation. This worked nicely with Absoft compiler, but using ifc7.1 the program is silent for a long time and then suddenly flushes the whole line. Buffering file access is fine but on the console it can be a little bit annoying.

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