Node locked Multi User???

Node locked Multi User???

I would like to install 2 copies/licenses of Intel's Fortran compiler for Linux on a Redhat 8.0 server. I want 2 outside users to be able to log in remotely to the Redhat box, and be able to run the compiler simultaneously. I bought 2 copies each of the Linux compilers, is this possible, having two remote users using the same compiler simultaneously? I know in Solaris, Irix and other Unixes this is very easy to do and very common as I have many machines set up that way on my network, however I'm wondering if this is possible with Intel's compilers?

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You can do this - the license terms are granted to a "single user". The license key you are given is not node-locked and does not restrict the number of users (at least I think this is the case.) If you can ensure that usage of the product doesn't violate the license terms, you don't need to do more.

You could do license enforcement if you had a floating (concurrent use) license, installed and ran the license server, and used a license options file to restrict access to the particular users. If this interests you, please ask Premier Support if they will issue you the appropriate license key.


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