idb and ddd

idb and ddd

I've got problems in getting idb work from within ddd.
Whenever I start

ddd --debugger "idb -gdb"

I receive the message 'gdb terminated abnormally' and ddd exits.
The gdb mode works perfectly from the command line, and the dbx mode works within ddd without problems.

idb version 7
ddd version 3.3.1

Does anybody else have this issue?

Arturo di Gioia

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I have also heard that the dbx mode (ddd --ladebug --debugger idb mycode...) works more reliably with ddd than the gdb mode. The latter is apparently more sensitive to the particular version of Linux. I'm told that it works on Red Hat 7.2, for example.


Not really a problem. I'm learning to use idb from the command line with dbx syntax.
Now my other problem is that while my program is running under idb I receive several messages saying

thread received signal RTMIN1

I search both on google but I didn't find any reference to this, I suppose I can simply ignore it.
Can someone explain me what does this message mean, or point me to some source of informations?

Yes, I have seen this behaviour, and it is almost certainly due to idb crashing, as it is wont to do. There's a DDD option to turn on logging of the interaction:

Show the interaction between DDD and the inferior debugger on standard error. This is useful for debugging DDD. If `--trace' is not specified, this information is written into `$HOME/.ddd/log', such that you can also do a post-mortem debugging.

which you can use to see which command crashed DDD. I found that "help" was usually the offender.

Keith Refson

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