We have ifc7-7.0.64 and we cannot print character strings which are passed to subroutines and have been declared as


in the subroutines.

The debugger seems to interpret this as a zero-length
array when, in fact, it is not. Do we have to resort to
PRINT statements to see the contents of the strings within the subroutines?


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Which debugger are you using? idb should understand this.


Retired 12/31/2016

Intel's debugger, idb.
You've not experienced this problem with your
character strings?

I don't tend to use Linux, so I'm not familiar with the issues there. I suggest reporting the problem through Premier Support, where someone will get back to you with an informed response.


Retired 12/31/2016

Just a thought, you might try using null-terminated strings as in C. E.g.
data_HELLOWORLD/'Hello World'C/

Then when this is passed to a subroutine as CHARACTER*(*), the debugger might be more likely to figure out the string length, which it can't do from the declaration.
Only a speculation, you should follow Steve's advice and report this to Premier Support.
Otherwise, you could try copying the argument, or some limited number of characters, into a local character variable of fixed length.


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