idb and <opaque> type

idb and <opaque> type

Using ifc 7.0 on i686 with RH7.2. Compiled OpenMP Fortran 90 code with "-g -auto -openmp". When trying to run executable under idb I get the following.

$ idb ../navo4_omp/swan.x
Linux Application Debugger for 32-bit applications, Version 7.0, Build 20021021
object file name: ../navo4_omp/swan.x
Reading symbolic information ...done
(idb) run

SWAN is preparing computation

Thread received signal RTMIN
stopped at [ __sigsuspend(...) 0x400c8ba5]

Information: An type was presented during execution of the previous command. For complete type information on this symbol, recompilation of the program will be necessary. Consult the compiler man pages for details on producing full symbol table information using the '-g' (and '-gall' for cxx) flags.

(idb) where
>0 0x400c8ba5 in __sigsuspend(...) in /lib/i686/
#1 0x4008e1d9 in __pthread_wait_for_restart_signal(...) in /lib/i686/
#2 0x4008e2ac in __pthread_create_2_1(...) in /lib/i686/
#3 0x824ac33 in __kmp_create_monitor(...) in ../navo4_omp/swan.x
#4 0x1ff000

My question is: how do I get the openmp program to execute under idb?


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I'm afraid the debugger shipped with the 7.0 compilers, idb, does not support debugging of OpenMP applications. We hope to add support for this in the next major version of the compiler and debugger.
gdb allows some debugging of threads, although it has limited Fortran support. (There has been work on a version with Fortran support called gdbf95, mentioned in other threads in this forum, see Version 6 of the TotalView debugger from Etnus supports debugging of OpenMP applications built with the Intel Compiler 7.0.


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