Intel ifc 7.0 and mpich

Intel ifc 7.0 and mpich


I have ifc on my dual Pentium III running Linux 2.4.18.
I downloaded mpich 1.2.5 from the official web site,
configured it with
configure -cc=icc -fc=icc -f90=ifc --prefix=/usr/local/mpich --with-device=ch_shmem
I made the library (make) and did the test:
make testing.
It fails on examples/test/pt2pt/isendf.f
(** Address Error **)
gcc/g77 passes the test:
configure -cc=gcc -fc=g77 --prefix=/usr/local/mpich --with-device=ch_shmem

I'm sending this also to

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icc has no ability to compile Fortran sources. If you will mix .f90 and .f builds, you must configure the same Fortran compiler for -fc and -f90. You may require the -Vaxlib option with ifc in order to build mpich, although mpilam gets by without it.

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