ddd and idb

ddd and idb

I recently installed the new release of the Intel Fortran Compiler ifc (Version 7.0) and wondered why its debugger idb (not more ldb!) does not work together with the ddd debugger frontend anymore. This still works with ifc 6.0 and ldb. I always used:
$ ddd --debugger ldb
to start the debug session.

Has anybody got the same experience? Any hints are appreciated.


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One way to use ddd with idb is:
ddd -ladebug -debugger idb
This gives a dbx-like interface (eg if you choose to type commands into the debugger window). Since this is admittedly not obvious, it is being added to the debugger manual.
An alternative, giving a gdb-like command interface, is said to be ddd -debugger ?idb -gdb?
However, I had difficulty with this when I tried. Since you are using a GUI, you are presumably not very concerned about the command interface. The gdb-like interface can be used directly from the command line with idb -gdb.


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