BYTE statement

BYTE statement

Hi everybody,
I just installet the intel fortran compiler 7.0 in redhat 8.0. I am developping a program where there is several "BYTE" type variables. The ifc looks that it doesn't reconize this statemenet. Is there any additional option or library to add to reconize BYTE statement?


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Use INTEGER(1) instead - this has the same meaning as BYTE.


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Thanks for your aswert, but in my program I use byte with character variables too in the following way:

byte_type(n) = CHAR(integer)
byte_type(n) = 'character'

What do you suggest to do to substitute these lines?
Thanks in advance,


The second line doesn't make sense - it would be illegal even if BYTE were supported.

If you want the integer value of the character, use:

byte_type(n) = integer
byte_type(n) = ICHAR('character')

Note that in the first case, you may get integer overflow depending on the value.


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