about -autodouble

about -autodouble

I compile a package, everthing works fine
But if I switch on the -autodouble
I got error message
"Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault"
when module declare the double precision array
Is this caused by the limitation of memory or other reason?
Thanks for help

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Well, if you declare arrays as plain REAL, the memory requirement may double with -autodouble. If you compile with -auto so that arrays go on the stack by default, or if you build with -openmp, you might exceed the available stack space, which would give a SEGV. (You can increase the stack allocation with ulimit -s nnnn (units of KB))
Likewise, you could exceed the virtual memory of your machine. Check the simple things first....
Another trap that can arise with -autodouble: if you call functions that are not intrinsic, you might need to change the call to double precision yourself. (This would not normally be a SEGV issue).


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