Help for unexperienced user

Help for unexperienced user

Hi, I just installed a Linux OS on my computer, I have never used Linux before. I have also never progammed with Fortran before. I downloaded the Intel package but haven't installed it yet. I haven't installed it because I don't know if I need it. I need some help from you experienced users. I would really like to try some Fortran. I have some code for several programs I'd like to run. The problem is I don't know how to go about starting. Do I need to install the Intel package? I have been told that the "developer" tools that came with my Linux package, Libranet, might be able to do what I need. But I don't know how to use those tools that came with my Linux. Can I cut and paste the Fortran code that I have into a document? I guess I need a little instruction on how to create and run a Fortran program as I have never done it before. (I have always used Apples at school and we don't get to do anything with them). Is the Intel package I downloaded the easiest way to get started? If I like the programs I already have code for I would sure like to try to make my own and any help I can get from you experienced programmers would really help. Thank you.

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I'm certainly not an experienced Linux user, but I'll try to get you started.

If you want to create Fortran programs, you'll need a Fortran compiler. The Intel Fortran compiler is a good choice. You will need to install it first, as described in the Intel documentation.

Generally, you would use your favorite text editor to create a file containing your Fortran source - name the file with a .f90 file type if it contains Fortran "free form" source, or .f if it has "fixed form" source. The book you're using to learn Fortran will explain this.

To compile and link, use the command:

ifc myprog.f90

assuming the name of your file is myprog.f90. You'll then have an a.out which you can run. See the Intel Fortran User Manual for more compiler options.


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