Optimizing using Intel Fortran Compiler 6.0

Optimizing using Intel Fortran Compiler 6.0

I posted this message on the Windows board because I didn't see this forum. I am actually running the Intel Fortran Compiler 6.0 for Linux and am very satisfied with it. I was wondering where I could get information on optimizing my code. I am running the code on two machines. One is an Intel Pentium 4 machine, and the other is a dual Intel Pentium 3 machine. What are some good optimization techniques to get my code running faster? Where can I get inforation about this? Thanks for the help.

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Have you studied the chapters on Optimization and Parallelization in the User's Guide? These discuss compiler switches and options of interest. For Pentium 4, the switches you'd want are "-tpp7 -xW" Note that the -xW generates code that requires a Pentium 4 to run. If you will be running this on other processors as well, use -axW instead - this will generate self-dispatching code.

The User's Manual will also discuss using OpenMP for parallelism on multiprocessor systems.


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It would have been good if you had put a link to the FORTRAN compiler user guide instead of the C++ compiler, but I found it and am currently reading through the optimization section.

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