A sparse board

A sparse board

Obviously nobody's posting here yet and everybody is in the Windows forum.

The reason of course is that most of the Windows posts are about general Fortran questions.

Perhaps there should be a "Fortran Language and Applications" forum?

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This board is really brand new, and not heavily promoted. That will change in the near future.

I felt that having separate forums for Linux and Windows was good because most of the questions on the Windows forum are really Windows-specific (Win32 API, etc.), and not really, in my experience, language related. Looking at comp.lang.fortran, I see most of the Linux users asking questions about installation on different distributions, use of MPI, and other things you rarely see for Windows.

If there isn't enough usage here to keep things going, then we can fold the forums together, but I think that once enough Linux users find out about this forum, things will pick up.

Lastly, keep in mind that almost all of the participants in the Windows forum are CVF users - I haven't yet seen a question from an Intel Fortran for Windows users. I hope that changes over time too.

Please do post here - ask questions, tell us about something you've learned - the more, the merrier.


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I don't disagree that there is plenty of Windows specific stuff over there, but about half appears to be general language usage.

So 3 boards would be right, Windows, Linux and Fortran.

Surely a general fortran board would just be duplicating comp.lang.fortran thereby requiring extra leg-work to follow. Wouldn't it be better to keep IFC-specific questions here and do general fortran stuff on the newsgroup?

That was the general idea, though I don't see a problem with asking language questions here if you're an ifc user. This is meant to be a "high signal-to-noise" resource for ifc users.

If after we do some promotion the Linux users stay away, then I suppose we'll just stay with the Windows forum. I see a lot of ifc-specific questions on the newsgroup and wanted those folks to have some place of their own to ask such questions, with expert backup help available if need be.


Retired 12/31/2016

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