8.0 compiler / ulimit / at

8.0 compiler / ulimit / at

With the new 8.0 compiler, I am experiencing a segmentation fault when attempting to write unformatted output. This did not happen with the 7.1 compiler, but as per the installation notes, I increased the stack size using

"ulimit -s unlimited"

which would allow the program to complete. However, when I try to run an overnight batch of jobs using the at daemon by typing "at -f run.bat now", where the file run.bat looks like:

time ./myprogram >& log.dat
mv myprogram ../nextdir
cd ../nextdir
time ./myprogram >& log.dat

I get the following message in log.dat:

"./myprogram: error while loading shared libraries: libguide.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"

Compiling with -static will get around this problem, but the program then commits the Segmentation fault discussed above when it reaches the unformatted write, regardless of the stack limit set with ulimit.

any suggestions?

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I'll repeat my response of 2 hours ago, since it didn't show up yet. I don't see from your message whether you set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment (e.g. by invoking the compiler environment script) inside your at run script. Likewise, the ulimit would have to be set inside the script.

I also have found some confusion over the policy change, where the executable no longer remembers where the .so files were at link time.

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