NaN when reading from netcdf files

NaN when reading from netcdf files


I installed ifc Version 8.0 on a Redhat 9 box and tried to compile a program that uses the netcdf libraries. Compilation ends successfully, but when I start the program it reads for certain netcdf variables just "NaN" values. Other variables are not giving trouble.
The program compiles and works fine with other compilers on several other platforms. (ifc Version 7.0, efc on Itanium 2, pgf90, ...)

Has anybody an idea of what is going on here? Thanks a lot!

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Ok, here is a follow up. I investigated my problem further and added the -fpe0 flag during compilation. Now my program exits with the following error:

FILE_IO: Reading netCDF formatted input from file:
FILE_IO: Writing netCDF formatted output to file

forrtl: error (65): floating invalid
Image PC Routine Line Source
dacapo_2.7.3_ifc. 0806ABE7 Unknown Unknown Unknown
dacapo_2.7.3_ifc. 080DB633 Unknown Unknown Unknown
dacapo_2.7.3_ifc. 081A43DC Unknown Unknown Unknown
dacapo_2.7.3_ifc. 42015504 Unknown Unknown Unknown
dacapo_2.7.3_ifc. 0804AC21 Unknown Unknown Unknown
Abort (core dumped)

I'm sure that the file is ok. Also I couldcompile the code successfullywith the Intel Fortran Version 7.1 compiler on an Itanium 2 system. Since this program was developed at a different university, I don't know exactly where to find the corresponding source code, but I'll try to find it.

Are there any substantial differences between version 7.1 and 8? Or might it be a glibc problem (I have glibc-2.3.2)


There are indeed substantial differences between 7.1 and 8.0, but "netcdf" is nothing more than a bunch of code.

I suggest you examine the data file to be sure there is no NaN. If not, and you have the sources for everything, submit a problem report to Intel Premier Support and attach a complete reproducible example.

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