Internal compiler error: segmentation violation

Internal compiler error: segmentation violation

Hello, I have been trying to compile some code using ifc (or ifort) 8 and I get the error below. I have complied this same code using version 7 with no problems. I can also use no other command line options and I get the same error. I can send the code if that will help.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!
- Shawn

ifc -c -O2 -tpp7 -ip -I. flux_driver.f90
ifc: warning: The Intel Fortran driver is now named ifort. You can suppress this message with '-quiet'
fortcom: Severe: **Internal compiler error: segmentation violation signal raised** Please report this error along with the circumstances in which it occurred in a Software Problem Report. Note: File and line given may not be explicit cause of this error.
in file (null), line 0, column 0

compilation aborted for flux_driver.f90 (code 3)

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Report this to Intel Premier Support and attach the source. Internal compiler errors are always bugs and should be reported to support.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

i get a similar thing (when using modules) using 8.0.034
but for the same code under ifc 8.0.046 it gives a warning about some hugely long 1st line, which isn't even in the code as such!

"Internal Compiler Error" is a generic message given when the compiler is confused. Unless your system is badly malfunctioning, it is always a compiler bug and should be reported to Intel through Premier Support.

If you believe that an error message is incorrect, that too should be reported, accompanied by a sample that demonstrates the problem.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

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