wait_ and fork_ functions

wait_ and fork_ functions


When compiling a program with OpenMP in Mandrake 9.2, I get undefined references to wait_ and fork_ functions, which I think should be provided by the system.

I use the following command to compile:

ifc -WB -w90 -w95 -O2 -tpp7 -openmp -align -Zp8 -axW -ipo -ipo_obj -unroll -c

and this flags to link

-Vaxlib -lpthread -lsvml -lguide -openmp -ipo

Any help?

Best regards


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The latest update compilers have improved support for recent kernels, but you still may find problems when using kernels or glibc newer than those documented as supported. I'veheard that a static -openmp link on newer distrosmay require all the .a files required to be named individually in the link command. It's been difficult for the compiler team, hit by new distros which lack full support from their vendors. I've had to drop my tried and true rh8 installation and start working with less reliable distros, due to customer demand.

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