Allocate error 491: Array is already allocated

Allocate error 491: Array is already allocated

My MPI application provides me the error everytime I run it. Through print statements, I can tell where the error is occuring. It occurrs when I call a fuction this is being passed a large number of arrays. The execution never makes it tothe strategically placedprint statement at the top of the troubled function.

Unfortunately, the error message does not tell me which array is causing the problem. Is there anyway to get the compiler/runtime to provide me the name of the troublesome array, without checking each one individually?

I am compiling with the following switches:
mpif90 -I ./ -w95 -O3 -align -unroll -pc80 -Dintel -Dmkl -CA -CB -CS -CV -d1 -r8 -g -c


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The array name is not available to the run-time library. What version of the compiler are you using?

Steve - Intel Developer Support

Thanks for the quick reply.

Version 7.1

In my case, I am using some legacy code that is passing about 30 arrays in theprocedure arg list, allocated all over the place.

Additionally, I think it is weird that the message stack never provides the name of the offending procedure, just the name of the procedure calling it.


You may want to try this in 8.0 with the -trace option.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

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