compiler error

compiler error

I am trying to compile a code using ifc --O3 -xW -tpp7 -w -I . and get the following error messages at the end:

chain/sds.o(.text+0xca6): In function `sds_':
: undefined reference to `vmldExp2'
chain/sds.o(.text+0xd5b): In function `sds_':
: undefined reference to `vmldExp2'
pot/ewald_receip.o(.text+0x2062): In function `dftmod_':
: undefined reference to `vmldCos2'
pot/ewald_receip.o(.text+0x2092): In function `dftmod_':
: undefined reference to `vmldSin2'
make: *** [exe/chmin] Error 1

Without -xW, compilation goes well. Does anyone from the forum know what I could do to solve this? Thanks in advance

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I don't know off the top of my head what the compiler should do with the options --O3 -w -l . -tpp7 presumably is redundant when used with -xW. The error would be produced by building .o files with 'ifc -xW', but using some other command to drive the linker, so that the libsvml is not linked. If you wish to link using ifc without the -xW option, -l svml may do it, but that's not the supported way.

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