Link/run problems with g++ and ifc 7.0

Link/run problems with g++ and ifc 7.0

Hi All,

I'm driving a Fortran 90 MPI-based matrix factorisation code (MUMPS) from a small C++ test program. I can compile and link with no problems, but when I run the code it just says "Aborted" at the prompt and stops. I'm using the g++ linker, andlinking in the F90, intrins, CEPCF90 and IEPCF90 libraries. I'm using ifc 7.0-038.

I've tracked it down to the use of the C++ stream classes. I can make the test program run using the standard C I/O routines like fread(..) and so on, but the final code will be part of a simulation system that uses the C++ streams extensively, so I do need to get this to work. Also, if I try and link using ifc, I get a load of link errors from undefined symbols in the stream classes.

I was wondering if anyone has seen this sort of problem before with the C++ streams? Is there another F90 compatibility library I should be using? Should I use the Intel C++ compiler instead of g++?


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In principle, you should be able to combine g++ and Intel Fortran this way, provided that you choose compatible versions of each. I would not be surprised to find incompatibilities between g++ and an Intel Fortran library as old as you have chosen. Inter-operability between Intel compilers and g++ has been tested more thoroughly with the 8.0 compilers; I believe the current g++ release is the best bet (not whatever comes with the linux of your choice). icc-8.0 specifically supports linking with current releases of gnu libstdc++, so there should be support for what you want to do. The latest 7.1 and 8.0 compilers have improved compatibility with recent glibc versions.

Thank you for the fast response. I have 7.1 and 8.0 version 040, although when I tried to install 8.0 it said my version of rpm was broken. Even using "-finalize-only" as an install option it still won't install (any ideas there?). I'm running Slackware 9.1, with gcc 3.2.3. I'll try 7.1 tonight.

Thanks again.


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