What is the new functionality in the patch (8.0.040)?

What is the new functionality in the patch (8.0.040)?

What was the reason for deploying the new patch. What new functionality is there in 8.0.040 that was not in the base line 8.0.039?


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There is no new functionality as such. In general, significant new functionality is introduced only in new point versions (such as 8.1 or 9.0). Patches, and new baselines where only thenumber after the second pointchanges, contain bug fixes and sometimes performance improvements. You can find a short summary of the issues fixed in the downloads section of Premier Support (at https://premier.intel.com) - select product = Intel Fortran Compiler for Linux, category = all. Then look atl_fc_pc_8.0.039_pe040_1_README.txt. For example, there was a fix to the "HUGE" intrinsic.Of course, most of the fixesapply only tovery specific sets of circumstances, and are hard to capture in one sentence.
In general, we expect customers will want to update for significant new versions, when the first or second digit in the version number changes. We expect that most customers will not want to download all the lesser updates and patches, unless they have encountered a particular problem that is fixed inapatch. It may be useful to take an updated compiler occasionally, to get the "latest and greatest".

Martyn Corden

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