idb problem with ifort recognizing explicit interface routines

idb problem with ifort recognizing explicit interface routines

The idb debugger is having problems finding routines in modules. If you have a subroutine or function in a module then you have an explicit interface to that routine. When idb is in the calling routine and you type
stop in "name of routine"
it says it cannot find the routine. The only way to get the "stop in" command to work is to remove the routine from the module. This is no problem with v71.
It seems to me that v71 is more reliable then v80. Maybe v81 will be a worthy successor to v71, but until then i will rely on v71.

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Please submit this problem to Intel Premier Support so that it can get looked at.

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I'll attempt to reproduce that behavior and I'll post my results here. If it turns out to be a problem in the debugger itself then I'll file the problem report on your behalf (if you haven't already done so).

-- G

I've reproduced the problem. It appears that there's a glitch with command parsing when using modules in expressions. I'll file the appropriate problem report.

In the mean time, you can work around this by specifying the module name- quoted with back-ticks- preceeding the member name in command expressions.

For example: stop in `modulename`routinename

That should help until we can get this fixed for you.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

-- G

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